S4 E1 - ‘He That Believeth in Me’

March 25, 2018

Season 4 gets off to an exciting start -- and we have a spiffy new logo to go with it!


S3 E20 - ‘Crossroads, Pt. 2′

February 25, 2018

Well, it's the end of season 3, and not much happens... no, wait, ALL THE THINGS HAPPEN! Baltar's verdict is in; Cylons are revealed; and someone is back from the dead! (You'll NEVER guess who...)


S3 E19 - ‘Crossroads, Pt 1′

February 7, 2018

It's the beginning of the end -- of season three! It's also the beginning of our newfound appreciation for Romo Lampkin.


S3 E18 - ‘ The Son Also Rises’

January 21, 2018

It's not widely known that Ernest Hemingway penned a script for Battlest... hang on... nope, nope, I'm being told that's not correct. Which is too bad, because this episode could have used some help from ol' Papa...


S3 E17 - ‘Maelstrom’

January 17, 2018

It's 11 years later and we're still not going to spoil what happens in this episode. Because some of us respect the Spoiler Code, a thing we totally just made up.


S3 E16 - ‘Dirty Hands’

January 9, 2018

Whether it's refining Tylium or writing an underground manifesto, you can't sow the seeds of discontent without getting your hands dirty.


S3 E15 - ‘A Day in the Life’

December 30, 2017

Not one of BSG's finest, but still better than any single episode of "The Orville." Eh? Eh? (Think them's fighting words? Let us know!)


S3 E14 - ‘The Woman King’

December 15, 2017

Aka "Doctors Without Morals," aka "Rick promises to stop ragging on episodes he thinks are going to be bad." Because, save for the one bonkers plot-point that kicks this whole thing off, this is great stuff!


S3 E13 - ‘Taking a Break from All Your Worries’

November 20, 2017


"What's shaking, Normie?"

"I'm just a big loaf of bread surrounded by toasters."


S3 E12 - ‘Rapture’

November 6, 2017

It's our 50th episode! Alas, there's no champagne, but there is a supernova in the sky. Also a capture, a rapture, and the kind of rescue mission that could happen only on "Battlestar Galactica."